Essential Guide To Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing

We all are aware of the idea of business outsourcing some or all of the functions. The company to which the function is animation outsource company is responsible to carry out the activities related to those fields.
Initially, the concept of outsourcing was limited to the manufacturing industry, but with passing time, it has now entered other sectors as well.
Business process outsourcing evolves around two main fields:
Back office operations; comprises the payment process, IT services, etc. front office operations; this comprises marketing and customer-related services.

Why should you go for BPO?

Let’s dig into some reasons that may help you understand the use of business process outsourcing:


Lower costs are one of the main priorities of any business. Instead of spending huge amounts on staff and equipment, it is cost-friendly to outsource these tasks to a third party.

Improved efficacy

When you outsource some of your operations to the BPO Companies, it becomes easy for you to focus on your core activities. BPO companies specialize in their profession and thereby work effectively.

Global services

If you tend to expand your business overseas, you can ask BPO companies to take the services that you lack expertise in. it will help to boost your business activities proceed easily and quickly.

Outsourcing in the area of digital transformation 

Outsourcing in the field of digitalization has been on the rise in the past few years. Businesses tend to hire third parties that carry out the process to transform their digital requirements effectively.

So why opt for third-party vendors? Well, let’s look into the positive side of outsourcing digital services;

  • To focus wisely on internal resources
  • To minimize the level of risk and liability
  • It’s cost-effective 
  • It is faster than performing yourself
  • BPO companies have better resources and expertise

When talking about digitalization, some areas are considered better to outsource than managing them in-house. Let’s dig in to see what areas are popular for third-party services.

Animation services

Animation is a field of expertise and specialization. Perhaps, keeping it in-house can prove to be a cost burden along with a requirement of high expertise. 

Animation has become a high-demand form of marketing strategy. Therefore, when you are aware of your competitors and wish to have an edge over them, it’s wise to present effectively. 

So why take the hassle when you have multiple animations outsourcing companies available that can work for you?

Following are some of the services that are performed by the animation companies:

  • Traditional animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Stop motion

Traditional animation

It is also referred to as cell animation. This is a delicate form of animation design. The designer uses a light table to draw every frame by his hand to form an animation scene. 

Some big companies still use these types of animations and are performed on computers with specific tablets.

2D animation

This kind of animation has gained quite popularity in recent years due to easy access to the technology used. It’s a more flexible form of animation that allows the designer to move single parts of animation at a time rather than redrawing it over and over.

3D animation

3D animation is the most common form of animation that is popular in current times. Although the procedure of creating this animation is quite different from the traditional style, the composition and movement performed are similar.

Perhaps, the process of modeling has simplified the animation creation of 3D. The companies outsource machine learning so the experts can design using their skills accordingly.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics work in a different way than other sorts of animation. It focuses on the movement of images and texts etc. these animations mainly focus on promotional activities such as logos and videos. 

Advertisements primarily aim for motion graphics for their presentation skills. Perhaps, this area has a wide scope of career opportunities.

Stop motion

Stop motion is a labor-centric work as it works on photography of real objects and images. In this method, the artist keeps on moving objects after every capture until the scene is finished.

It’s a natural and organic method, however, it is a long and time-consuming process.

Enterprise portal outsourcing

An enterprise portal is an internal system that intends to integrate the fluency of communication between the company employees and often with the customers also.

It may sound like a simple form of software, but actually, it’s a complex procedure. It compiles all the data and makes it available on a single platform for all departments in a business.

Due to its detailed frame of work, many businesses tend to outsource enterprise portal services. This helps them to focus on their core duties, and on the other hand, gain the benefit of expert services.

There are different sorts of enterprise portal that is outsourced by businesses as per their needs;

  • Customer relation management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Supply chain management
  • Data analysis
  • Order tracking management
  • Database

However, if you wish to have a personalized set of portals, outsource companies offer services to design as per your needs. The team of professionals plays their part and provides your organization with the kind of software solutions you require.

Let me list down some software’s so you can have an idea:

  • Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform
  • SAP enterprise portal
  • Sharepoint
  • IBM Websphere portal
  • Webcentre portal cloud

So, choose wisely and plan your selection that suits your business needs.


To conclude, outsourcing to third parties is one common practice for ages. However, currently, the scope has widened and businesses tend to outsource complex fields more frequently.

This process helps the organization to focus on its core activities thus proving to be budget-friendly. Whether it’s a startup business, expansion idea, or a running business, why not outsource when the pros outweigh the cons?

Perhaps, Business process outsourcing is a collection of widespread branches, providing various services to avail.

so why not seek professional guidance and let them do the work for you? 

While you focus on saving your costs and providing better service to your customers.

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