Major Significant Issues With The IT Outsourcing


Nowadays it is a mixed trend in the companies either they select to outsourcing or handle all the IT-related matters inhouse both have some kind of limitations but it is depending on the nature of business and use of the internal IT available resources because taking decisions for outsourcing is also not easy.

Most of the companies even don’t know when they step in with the decision of the IT outsourcing because they are not well aware of the after-effects of it that’s why for better understanding listing down the impact of it which could be beneficial for the upcoming companies and they can get an idea from it before taking any decision.

Communication during a critical phase

It has been observed that when the workload and tough season touched the outsourcing companies the behavior and reporting of their team become unavailable which cause a big disturbance between the hiring company and the hired company it includes several things like rude replies, not proper sharing of information, and ignorance of assigned tasks.

As we know that the good communication is the basis of every business and if the communication breaks down due For any reason it means all the business dealing and the bridge of trust become shaking, so the outsourcing companies mostly forget in workload, communication with customers need to be in perfect way no matter what current the situation with them.

Rarely availability of experts

Most of the hired companies by the IT outsourcing companies are practicing the formula which is at the start of the deal do focus on the customer need and requirement with proper reporting but after the payment dates and maturity of funds they are become out of control means they come up with several excuses on the reporting.

For them no matter how essential reports are for the hiring companies at different stages of the business cycle they even don’t care and even not provides reports on time which is a big disaster for the hiring company because even they are paying but not getting results as per their desires.

Data security issue

As far as data security is concern the hired companies who are average and under average in customer ranking and not too famous with them data security of the company will be always on the risk because they can mis use it or even sell it to other companies even to the competitors as well to get more money in their pockets.

Data security is a big matter for every company which that firms know very well and they even know they in the contract also has a clear clause of data misuse of sharing with any outsiders but they also know many companies do not have much time to handle that kind of issue that’s why they use outsourcing for those matters.

Unable to follow the agreement

Most of the hired firms or companies who hired by the companies are well aware that the hiring companies do have not enough time and expertise to handle IT matters that’s why they are outsourcing it, so if they not follow the agreement after some time and not fulfill the requirement so no loss for them.

The non-professional only available in the market to play with customers only they don’t concern about the losses of hiring firms and its effect on their businesses which mean selecting the wrong company for outsourcing means taking a risk on core business.  

Lack of involvement between the teams

Another issue is to settle down the teams between both companies the hiring company team has already become demotivated with the decision of the outsourcing and they are not comfortable to entertain the hired company for the particular assignment and they play an opposite role rather than the teamwork.

The team setting between the two companies is not an easy job because some time the hired company team does not correctly address things to the internal company team and at this stage claim and the blame game begins.

Resetting is not easy

The corrections, step by step focusing and flow with the task as per decided follow chart is almost impossible because the hired firms do not allow too much interference in their plan further some resetting in the plan is also not supportive by the hired firm because they are calculating all things as per payment-based work.

Role and team responsibility issues

The work conflict is too common between the hiring company and the hired company for the IT services because in the agreement many things do not cover openly so due to that both side teams take advantage of it and manipulate things with the claim and blame which is not good for the company who investing for the better tomorrow.

With that role and responsibility shifting game, the ultimate goal for outsourcing gives nothing at the end to the hiring company.  

The biased staff of the hiring company

The hiring company also have an IT team that needs to look after the IT matters with the external company who will handle all IT-related issues of the company externally and this is the beginning of a new war because the internal company the team becomes competitors for the outsourced firm and always shift all problems on them mostly in SEO services.

Working hours difference

The most general issue is the difference of time or working hours where two companies are working together but have no common working hours which leads to the slow working per day or slow growth towards the decision task, so the same time zone and working hours for both companies are essential, especially for a digital marketing firm.


As for the many reasons outsourcing is risky from the business point of view with the average and under average firms, so it is up to you what kind of outsourcing are you willing to go with like complete IT consulting outsourcing or only some particular tasks.

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