Top 5 Types Of Animation Styles In 2021

Animation Styles

Animation styles is the procedure of capturing still images and then designing them in a sequence through using computer technology. The people who perform this work are called animators. 

They create an illusion of moving images through the management of multimedia. Multimedia allows them to combine audio and visuals on a single platform so that it can be presented collectively.Perhaps, many businesses have gained the advantage of utilizing these tactics as a plan of their marketing strategy. Organizations thrive for the attention of their customers. So why not market your brand in an eye-catching presentation rather than boring facts?

Use of animation in business marketing

With the advent of digital technologies, the concept of marketing has widened. Businesses try different strategies to create an attraction for their goods and services. However, one of the currently used methods is animation.

The use of animation in marketing has proven to be effective. For instance, a well-presented animated video has been seen as a successful marketing strategy in the promotion and attracting clients.

Animation requires expertise skills to perform tasks, businesses find it feasible to outsource animation services to third-party vendors. This allows them to focus on their core duties while the experts can help them boost their product market.

Outsourcing animation services

So how can outsourcing animation can help the business flourish? Let’s list down some positive aspects attached to it:

  • Attractive presentation
  • Experience
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficiency

Attractive presentation

The purpose of choosing animation as a part of marketing strategy is for a better and enhanced presentation of your brand. If you lack knowledge of how can you design and display your business, it’s better to outsource.

These companies have technical tools to produce high-quality animation that can fulfill your needs.


Third-party vendors possess certain specialized skills that help to generate your desired purpose. They have a team of professionals who have the expertise to perform specific animation using multimedia and different features.


Lowering costs is one of a company’s top concerns. It is more cost-effective to outsource these services to a third party rather than investing a lot of money on employees and equipment. 


It becomes easier to focus on your core tasks when you outsource some of your operations to third-party vendors. Instead of investing time in the field where you do not have enough expertise, it’s better to let them manage.

However, outsourcing some or all of your business operations is not new. For a long, organizations have been doing this to save time and cost to work effectively. 

Such as, many businesses tend to outsource website management. They find this budget-friendly instead of keeping its house, on the other hand, it saves them from hassle to manage it.

Similarly, outsourcing animation services are equally effective for your business when this function is out of your league. Why not avail the benefits from it when there are professionals to do it for you?

5 Types of animation styles

Choosing the best styles of animation styles depends on what is the requirement of your business. Additionally, different styles have different variations along with different costs.

Perhaps, choose whatever styles suits your product or service, at first, let’s discuss the different types of styles:

  • Traditional animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Stop motion

Traditional animation

Cell animation is another name for it. This is the first basic animation styles, as the name calls for it. Traditional animation was the norm for the industry before the revolution of the digital era.

To create an animation scenario, the designer uses a light table to draw each frame by hand. Perhaps, thousands of images are drawn before having them photographed.

This is a delicate styles of animation with the use of color pencils and watercolors etc. These types of animations are still used by some large corporations and are created on PCs using specialized tablets.

2D animation

Due to the ease of access to the technologies employed, this type of animation styles has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s typically a vector-based animation styles.

It’s a more versatile type of animation that allows the designer to move certain sections of the animation at a time rather than redrawing it repeatedly.

For instance, having animated logos are creative, and what could be better than providing an eye-catching view for a business?

Perhaps, many businesses tend to outsource logo design outsource that gives them an edge over the companies with random logos. One of the purposes of 2D logos is to retain the customer’s attention much longer than the traditionally designed logos.

3D animation

In today’s world, 3D animation style is the most widely used type of animation. Although the process of generating this animation differs from that of traditional animation, the composition and movement are comparable.

Perhaps the modeling process has made 3D animation development easier. Companies outsource machine learning so that professionals can design according to their expertise.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are different from other types of animation in that they work in different ways. It focuses on image and word movement, among other things. 

These animations are mostly used to promote promotional materials such as logos and videos.

Motion graphics are mostly used in advertisements because of their ability to deliver information. This field may offer a diverse range of employment options.

Stop motion

Stop motion is a labor-intensive technique that involves photographing real items and visuals. The artist uses this strategy to keep shifting things after each capture until the scene is complete.

To make animation, you’ll need clay models and a set that you’ll have to carefully manipulate. Although it is a natural and organic method, it is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure.


To conclude, the use of animation in the field of different marketing strategies has risen in the past few years. The industry has diversified from making cartoons for children to the promotion of goods and services.

There is no doubt that the work requires special skills and the hard work of experts. When businesses are occupied in their operational activities, but still wish to utilize digital services for marketing, then it’s better to outsource.

Professionals know how to perform their tasks for you. So, look around and avail the benefits of animation styles services.

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