Two different sides of IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

We know that now in the IT industry many confusions are floating. That confusion leads to the wrong understanding of the industry. But now here we discuss maximum things to understand about the outsourcing positive and negative sides.  Both side understanding and knowledge are mandatory to avoid confusion.

Without clear things, it is obvious for the decision taker to get confuse because like every industry. Many companies play with the words, work, and their technicalities. Those things are quite hard to understand by the normal person. That is why for a better understanding and clear focus here we will discuss some matters.

 The discussion points are as follows which need to be kept in mind to take any step forward. As each point matter a lot in the decision of outsourcing any project or task. More grip on things will make it clearer and more comfortable for outsourcing. That is good for both sides hiring firm and the hired firm.

1. More Experts in one window

The big benefit for the companies when they plan to outsource some project or task. In only one step of the contract with the outsourcing firm, they can get the best experts immediately. Without any long and time taking process. Furthermore, the experts’ team is already tested by their company that’s why their company paying them.

So, this is the big shortcut for the important tasks and the project. No need to invest too much time in hiring, training, and checking their skills. It is like that bundle offer on the product where you get so many things at a small price.

2. Work finish fast

With the good and experts team definitely, any work will finish much faster. As with the non-experts and lazy staff work always compromises a lot. So, with outsourcing where you get more experts also, they save too much time to finish work. Because the expert’s team knows that they have another task and target to finish.

They do have not much time to waste and wait. Their priority is only to finish the task as they have in their pool. Further, they also know that fast finishing of work can give them more relax time on their job. Because targeted job mostly prefers in this industry. Better team quick finish is the main desire for everyone.

3. Can focus on other things

With outsourcing, most companies can focus on their real work. No need to compromise with the real business because of any indirect work.

4. Can divert risks

With the outsourcing company, you can share and divert your risks to them. That means a shift of responsibility and risks with them. The payout depends on the task they did.

5. Handle costs

With outsourcing, this is big benefit-cost becomes fix and its budget define in the limits. That means cost control is no worry anymore.

6. Things come in time

With outsourcing no need to worry for the finish things on time. Because this is not your matter anymore. All the things are now responsible for the hired firm.

7. Projects systemization

Project systemization is very easy with the experts of the outsourcing companies. That means anything could be possible on your figure tips just need to desire it.

8. Small team better handling

Like all things you already outsource which are not related to the direct business. That leads the small team for the core business and handling of that team obviously must be easier than the big team.

9. Efforts only for focus things

After the outsourcing of your project and hard tasks. Now you can do more focus on the things which can directly boost up your core business.

10. Mind can run in peace

As many hard things are going towards the outsourcing firm. So, nothing left other than core business matters handling. This is the state where people get peace of mind. Tension-free work always makes better strategies.

11. Easy to handle staff issues

As internal staff becomes more focused when things are going fine with an outsourcing company. As they know all focus is on them if they do not perform well, they will be noticed easily.

12. Latest technology on your door

With the external experts of the concerned industry that is a fact, you can get the best-updated technology so quickly. That is not possible so quick with the internal team. Because most of the time they have limited knowledge and skills.

13. No worries for backup

With the external experts, you don’t need to worry about your backups. They are already experts to do things in smart ways. So, they know how and when to do backups.

14. Loss of control

But the fact is the fact when the experts handle all the things. The things will get out of control from the original firm. That is a big drawback if the firm is not controlling things even it is outsourced.

15. Could be a victim of hidden cost

Many kinds of hidden costs are associated with outsourcing like the Risk of security associated with the data and its usage. Furthermost of the time unable to control the quality of work and can face the financial burden of the external firm. Many times, the timing could be out between the teams.

Managing things with each other could be an issue because of the Understanding gap. That kind of thing can create Chances of disputes between them.

16. Chances of time waste

It is fact about it development outsourcing. Most of the time they waste time because they have not matured and the experts’ team. The over-commit and deliver nothing which becomes a big challenge for the hiring company.

17. Lack of after services

Most of the time with the digital marketing company. They do work not well with the after-sales services. Because as per their understanding the customer engagement and conversion are not their domain and task. In actuality, this is not the correct understanding of the work and the contract.

18. Could face Delay in projects

As outsourcing companies have to rush for the work and the client reminders. So, in the task of SEO the search engine optimization agency most of the time delays things. Further, they also did not manage things up to the mark which were expected from them.

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