Vendor Selection For IT Development Outsourcing


We are in the twenty-first century and we know that vendor requires technologies are boosting very fast and everything getting more complicated if things need to do with perfection, so controlling all things in-house with the core business is not possible for everyone because it will definitely compromise the quality and reliability of the task.

Some time businesses become at that stage where they need to set the priorities of the business and the need of the business for many businesses IT is the need not the priority like the retail and wholesale and import-export business their core business is different but needs IT integration so that kind of the business can select  IT development outsourcing.

But for them, it is mandatory to check and balance the vendor very smartly to whom they are hand covering all the IT-oriented matters.

Technical Matching

It needs to understand by the hiring firm that the requirement of the change in IT and its development at actual matching with the selecting company or not for example hiring firm need systemized control on software for all transactions but the outsourcing company is not an expert in software development, they are only dealing in different IT services.

So, apple to apple matching is mandatory for the requirement versus fulfillment because if the idea has been shared with the selected company and they are not taking it in the same direction and manners so all things will be useless the understanding of work and its acceptance is essential for the best result and long collaboration.

Quality of work

The quality of work must need to be precheck before going for agreement, the hiring company should need to check the previous work of the selected companies because a work portfolio can give you a good short summary about the company capabilities and also give an idea about the matching of your internal desires about the work.

Further, the quality of work can be assisted with examination of the initial mockup before going for the final agreement with the company because final checking is always better before bound in any kind of formal agreement so a quick mockup and the work portfolio will give you the best idea about the previous work and expertise of the company.

Qualified Team

It is very essential to check about the outsourcing company team qualification by checking employee portfolio because good qualifications and experience sign of good expertise and capabilities if the team is well qualified so your desired task has good chances about the fulfillment as per your tough or better than it.

If the team is not well qualified so it will be a big matter for the fulfillment of the desired task which means they need to compromise too much on the outsourcing at several stages and you will never get the right and accurate things from that company so preselection qualification checking of the external company team is essential without ignorance.

Working slots

The matching of time is a key area for IT outsourcing because if time does not match between the hiring company and hired company its means delay is mandatory in any project as one team is active and other the team is not available due to differences in working and office hours so definitely time for one task discussion and sharing will be double.

If the working hours and days match for both companies mean boost up of pace and focus for the work because both are available at the same time for the particular projects no waiting and no delay in communications, so checking oof working hours and days before selection of vendor is ideal for the timely ending of the projects and tasks.

International certifications

The different international certification which relates to the standards of work its checking is like checking the standard of internal company adaptation how they are following the security, how they are working with the employees toward incoming work, how they are following quality work delivering and how they are serious about their own company reputation.

The ISO 9001 is related to quality control management and ISO 27001 is related to the information security standard control and same like this other many certifications address how the company is professional in their own standard maintenance.

Contingency Insurance

As in the latest technology era where all world is facing pandemic and, in that condition, working become so difficult and teamwork is near to impossible for a certain period of time due to health issues so it is also mandatory to check insurance wing of that company because if no insurance cover in the pandemic time can lose huge money.

If the company covers the insurance for the delay in project and task so it is better because it will cover major losses and not affect badly on the core business investment as well. 

Full Project support

Before entering into the agreement must check whether the outsourcing company offer full real-time support or not which means after project completion checking and fixing bugs, giving proper guideline to old and new users, providing immediate backup support for any failure and malfunctioning of the project.

The twenty-four-seven availability is a big matter for the IT industry normal trend like other businesses or slow working and reply is not workable in that industry so the active and alert team is the key to the proper output.


The cost matters a lot for the task and the project which need to outsource if the dependency is low and the cost is nominal so the company is good for hiring but if the dependency is high and the cost is low it will only give more effort and less output even with hard work, so low cost always is not workable in all areas.

Long term partner

Before selecting an outsourcing company also need to check either they can be a good partner and trustable company for the long run because sharing and discussing projects, data and ideas is always not good for short term relationships no matter what kind of outsourcing you are hiring like, IT development outsourcing, email marketing services outsourcing, and digital marketing services outsourcing.


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