Google Knowledge Graph

If you search for a specific business or info, the Google’s knowledge graph will derive a Google’s knowledge panel on the right side, showing a comprehensive profile of your company.

Google Knowledge Graph Search API

The Knowledge Graph API allows you to find the Google Knowledge Graph for entities. This knowledge graph search API follows the JSON-LD standards and uses standard schema types.

The Knowledge Graph Search API can be used in a variety of ways, including obtaining a ranked list of the most well-known entities that meet specific criteria, filling entities in a search field in a predictive manner, using google Knowledge Graph entities to annotate and organize material.

There are millions of entries in Google Knowledge Graph that describe real-world entities like people, places, and objects. These entities usually form the nodes of the google knowledge graph. This google knowledge graph can be thought of as an engine that displays a Google’s knowledge panel on the right side of the page when a user searches for some organization or for any information.

The optimal google knowledge graph services

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