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Outsource to PK provides call centre services for your brand. Our services connects your brand with your valuable customers.

Our Video Call Centre Services Improves Brand Credibility

Our call centre services, enables you brand for providing best services.

Call Centre Features

Automatic Call Distributor Automate Your Calls

With automatic call distribution (ACD), our team improve your call centre productivity. This feature automatically forwards incoming calls to call centre agents without causing any disruption in between. Further, this feature will only forward the calls where you assist it to do. It’s so accurate. Outsource to PK offer this feature to be installed in your call centres to ensure:

  • High Productivity
  • Better Response
  • Reliability
  • Credibility

This System Provides Options To The Caller

Skill-based routing is a system that allows the caller to divert the call to any given option. For example, when callers call at the call centre to get some information, they would be given some options to talk to. It is possible through a skill-based routing system. The Outsource to PK’s team also equipped with this feature to provide the best services to its clients. We ensure:

  • Smooth Calling
  • Clear Voice
  • Better Communication

We Record Calls To Ensure Quality

We, as call centre service providers, record calls to offer the best experience to the caller. Hearing the phrase “this conversation is being recorded for training purposes” is not a coincidence. Calls are being recorded to provide training to the new joining candidates and to increase the productivity of the existing call agents. Through this feature, our team increase:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

Your Computer Becomes Your Telephone

These features enable your computer to be connected to your telephone. Through this system, you call agents can work effectively, efficiently and productively. With this feature, your installed software to attend calls would not lag at every call. Outsource to PK’s team efficiently use this feature to instantly connect a computer with the phone. This feature incorporates:

  • Productivity
  • Training
  • Reliance
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Call Centre Tools & Features

Auto-Attendant Is A Digital Receptionist System

Our team at Outsource to PK uses an auto attendant system, especially for small business. This system is a substitute for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for small business. Through this, callers are apprised of different extensions. Therefore, they can get where they want to talk. Another feature of this is that you can offer call back service instead of putting your callers on hold.

Content Management System

This Feature Assists To Block Calls

This feature is very useful for blocking numbers of anonymous people who used to call without a reason. These unasked calls may put a burden on your call centre service and affect its quality. Outsource to PK suggests using this feature instead of Inbound call centre solutions. The latter is expensive, especially for small businesses.

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Your Caller Knows More About The Agent

With the help of this feature known as call presence, the caller can know the current status of the available call agents. This feature decodes the customer’s requirement with whom it wants to talk and divert the call to that particular agent. This feature provides a smooth experience to the user. It works as Unity Dashboard.

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Know The Performance Of Your Agents

Outsource to PK’s call centre team uses call analytics to find out the productivity and efficiency of its call centre services. Using these features, we, as call centre service providers, need real metrics that show the actual performance of every agent who works in the call centre. Not only that, but it also apprises the feedback for every individual agent. This tool enhances the performance of the agents.

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Call Pulling Divers The Calls

Most of the users don’t like to be transferred from one agent to the other or from one device to the other. However, there are always chances that the customers lend at the wrong agent because they don’t know to whom they wanted to talk. Then, this feature would shift their calls to the other device or agent without letting caller know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A vast majority of our call centre clients are well aware of our services. However, for our potential clients, we have provided an answer to some of the most asked questions regarding call centre services.

Outsource to PK provide all kinds of call centre services. We work both in foreign and local call centre services. We are equipped with the best young talent.

Outsource to PK does not have the fixed charges for call centre services. Our charges depend on the number of people you need and the area you target for the provision of customer care.

Outsource to PK does not take a long time to form its call centre teams. Rather, we take lesser time than our competitors. However, time depends on call centre specifications.

Yes, Outsource to PK provide after-sale services to all our call centre clients. Furthermore, we charge no fee for that.

Testimonials Illustrate That We Are the Best

Call centre services of Outsource to PK are renowned in the industry because of their high-efficiency rate. Further, we shared here some testimonials to elaborate on our service quality.


I hired Outsource to PK team to manage a call centre for my company. They did it very well. I am so satisfied with their services. They know how their work gets done.

Graciela Tucker

Digilite Web Solutions


I came to know about Outsource to PK about the last month. I need some services for the call customer service, so I hired their team for that. They are so good at their work.

Gemma Patterson

Digilite Web Solutions


My brand is working with them to develop a combined call centre team. I have heard from my employees that the team of Outsource to PK is very professional and responsive.

Paul Mathews

Digilite Web Solutions


We have worked with Outsource to PK. I give positive feedback about them whoever asks me. I recommend them to everyone for call centre services. They offer quality services.

Ricardo Ward

Digilite Web Solutions


Outsource to PK is an excellent digital agency if it’s about to call centre services. Their rates are cheaper and the quality is premium. I am willing to hire their team again.

Danna Anthony

Digilite Web Solutions


We are an online retail outlet. We generally take order through calls. Outsource to PK’s team pick calls for us, take orders and deliver them to us. I am very satisfied with their services.

Aron Bell

Digilite Web Solutions


I recommend everyone Outsource to PK for call centre services. The reason behind that is the satisfaction I got after working with their team for some months. They are my first preference now.

Luisa Cox

Digilite Web Solutions

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