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Outsource to PK provide the best customer support outsourcing services to all kinds of businesses. We are proud to have the best services.

Our Customer Support Services Establishes Your Brand

Our customer care support for your brand established your brand and it embarks on a new journey.

Customer Support Features

Customers want resolution for their problems

The first thing Outsource to PK takes care of is the problem solving for the customers. The most important thing for a customer to establish a relationship with its company is through the resolution of its problems. To solve the problems of the customers we provide:

  • 24*7 service
  • Connectivity
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving Approach

We communicate clearly with your customers

Outsource to PK faces no issue in communicating clearly with your customers. Other teams would have a hard time-solving problems of customers because of a lack of clear communication. However, it takes time to learn communication but our team is expert at it. We use CRM to smooth the customer’s experience. We ensure:

  • Smoothness
  • Relationship
  • Problem-understanding

We understand the customers

Outsource to PK’s customer care agents put themselves in customers’ shoe to understand their problems at a whole new level. When customers call the service centre, they want to take care of and want to listen. And, that’s from where we start customer care. Before the provision of the right solution, offering empathy is necessary. Through this we maintain:

  • Brand reputation
  • Business perception
  • Customer Relationship

We deal with your customers frankly

All customers want is little friendliness and politeness. Outsource to PK treat your customers with the most respectful behaviour. We don’t treat your customers as customers. They are the most respectable humans for us. Our behaviour to them represents your brand persona. With politeness and friendliness, we maintain:

  • Relationships
  • Empathies
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Customer Support Tools & Features

Customer service is tied up to sales

This might be looking unreality that customer services are directly linked to sales of the products. Because when you are dealing with your customers, these are the same people who come again to buy your products if they treat you fairly right now. It is very obvious that they will not buy your product if they are unsatisfied with your customer services.

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Our agents have complete knowledge to deliver

The customer service agents of Outsource to PK has complete knowledge of the company they are working for. Not only about the company but they also have every information about the company’s products and other services. Unaware customer care agents are the biggest nightmare for one’s reputation.

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Delivering the right information in lesser time

The customer care service agents of Outsource to PK are bound to solve the customer’s issue within a specific time frame. Otherwise, they may face penalties. This element is introduced to save the time of the customer. When customers call customer care, they want two things, problem-solving and in the least possible time.

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Customer care agents need to be attentive

One of the main requirements for crucial customer care is attentiveness from the agent’s side. An agent has to pay attention to the customer’s experiences and be mindful of its feedback for the agent. Outsource to PK’ agents are always attentive as per the requirement of the customer.

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Patience is the core requirement for customer care

If you are not patient, you cannot become a customer care agent. Because when customers call agents, they want resolution of their problems, and they are very often angry. At that time agents of the Outsource to PK deals with them very politely, calm them, and solve their issues. Our agent knows how to deal with your valuable customers in any situation.

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Follow the Steps to Avail Our Customer Support Services

Trial Packages
Outsource to PK offers different packages for customer care. You can check these packages on our web to have more details about them. Check them here.
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Pay Per Click
Choose the Package
After having sight of different packages of customer care, you can choose any of the packages. We also provide customised packages.
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Provide Feedback
Once you choose the package you want, you have to convey that to us through the online mechanism. We will work on it and ask you for medications if you want so.
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We Provide Services
If you ask for any medications in the package, we will modify them as per your requirements. After doing all this, your final project will be ready. Here we go.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsource to PK maintain relationships with the client, so they know everything. However, we are answering some of the most asked questions about customer care services.

Outsource to PK offer different packages in customer support. It depends on the clients what they want. However, we cater for all types of businesses.

No, Outsource to PK doesn’t have fixed charges for any project. Our charges vary from service to service. Charges depend upon the work we do.

Outsource to PK has no fixed time for any project. During the rush season, we take a little more time than usual. But, we guarantee that we take the least time in the digital industry.

Yes, Outsource to PK offer after-sale services to all its clients. The same is the case with customer care services.

Testimonials Illustrate That We Are the Best

Outsource to PK has a very strong relationship with its clients. Therefore, we enjoy 95% positive feedback from our clients. Some of the testimonials from our clients are stated below.


I have worked with Outsource to PK last month to avail the customer care service. They are so good at their work and very cooperative. I recommend them to everyone as I am very satisfied with them.


Digilite Web Solutions


Outsource to PK is the best digital agency for customer care support service. I have been working with them since the last month. Until now, I am very satisfied with their services.

Harold Flores

Digilite Web Solutions


I have availed of different services from Outsource to PK, but their customer care service is the best among their all other services. If you want customer care services, they are the right stop.

Paul Martinez

Digilite Web Solutions


Outsource to PK is the best service provider in the digital industry. They have been doing customer care services for me since the last month. I am very happy and satisfy with their services.

John Evans

Digilite Web Solutions


I know the Outsource to PK since their inauguration. From the very first day, they are maintaining their services, and they always try their best for providing premium quality.

Douglas Ward

Digilite Web Solutions


Being an entrepreneur, I was new in the digital industry. Initially, I was so confused about what to do. Then, I find Outsource to PK. And, they solved half of my digital-related problems. I am still working on them.

Conner Murphy

Digilite Web Solutions


Outsource to PK is one of the best digital source providers. They also offer customer care service, and I am one of the people who is availing of that. They are good at services, so I recommend them.

Harold Bailey

Digilite Web Solutions

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