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As an app development company, our expert teams develop mobile apps for you according to your needs. We have been working on both IOS and Android for years.

We are known for the best Mobile Apps

People invoke us to provide them with the best designs in the market.

Mobile Apps Features and Tools

Our Mobile Apps Are Simple To Run

Our mobile app developers have been working in the mobile app designing industry for years. Providing our clients with the best suitable mobile apps is our core job. As, when people find it difficult to navigate then they would switch to another app. That’s the reason that we make simple and easy to handle apps to provide a smooth experience to the app users. Our apps are:

  • Simple
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clear
  • Contrast coloured
  • Uncluttered

We Guarantee High-Speed Mobile Apps

When users operate an app, all they want is a fast loading screen. Slow mobile apps push the customers away from apps. Therefore, we make sure that a mobile app must possess a high speed. When mobile apps are taking longer than usual to load, the user starts to find a better app to switch on out of sheer boredom. We ensure

  • A high speed
  • No lagging
  • No blur pixels

Our Team Designs High-Resolution Apps

As an app development company, our mobile app developers have expertise in developing high-resolution mobile apps. We don’t believe in average. Our apps are highly functional with high resolution and great speed. We have come out from the era of using blocky graphics; today, we use hi-definition with 16 million colours. Anything lesser culminates in blurring. Because of our renowned services, we are known for

  • High-definition designs
  • Excellent colour combination
  • Great colour contrast

Our Developed Mobile Apps Are Flexible

Currently, the world is working on three types of mobile apps: Android, iOS and Windows. To get the best out of the app, we run your app on all these three platforms. In doing so, the app will be available to all mobile users all over the world. Coding is same for all three app systems; screen sizes and resolutions vary from system to system. Our apps possess:

  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Functionality

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Mobile App Features and Tools

Cyber-Security Is Imperative For A Mobile App

We have a team of cyber-security experts who gives the final go-ahead to the developed mobile app. This step is to ensure the protection of the app. Hackers can steal your data, malfunction your app, intercept sensitive or confidential information, and transfer the ownership of the user’s assets. To prevent any such mishap, we left no stone unturned in providing you with the best cyber-security.

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Many Options At One Platform

Users seek to have more than one option on a single page. Putting a plethora of content on a single page results in messing up the content. To avoid such problems, we put a search option on your mobile app, so the user can find what he wants by writing a single word in the search bar, which eases the experience of the user. To get the best experience, hire our app developers.

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We Embellish Mobile Apps With Bright Colours

Eye-grabbing colours provide tranquillity to the eyes of the users. Contrasting and bold colours give the app a stylish and professional look that makes it standout among the other apps. We never compromise on the app theme as it is the first thing a user comes across. However, different themes possess different subliminal messages.

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Apps’ Notifications Update Your Users

We develop a system in your app that always informs your users about your new products and different deals. With the help of this system, your app user is always informed about everything regarding your app. Further, the notification system recalls your brand and app theme in the customer’s mind. This system is also helpful in generating more traffic. To get the best experience, hire our app developers.

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We Are Always Ready For Modifications

We are always ready to modify your apps once you provide us with the feedback you received from your users. Only users can tell how they feel and what they miss in your app. We value their feedback and work on it to improve the mobile app. Similarly, we keep sending updates to the users and enhance the performance of the app.

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Steps to Get Our Mobile App Services

Trial Mobile Apps
We have different mobile app themes with different colours and features to give you an idea about mobile app themes. You can see them to find which one suits you the best.
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Pay Per Click
Choose the Theme
After visiting the pages of mobile app themes, you have to tell us which one, two or more themes you have selected for your project. We also combine themes to make a new theme for you.
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Give us Feedback
We consider our clients as the most important assets of our company. Once your project is done, you can ask for modifications and improvements, and we will be happy to do it for you.
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Get Your Mobile App
After modifying and improving your mobile app, we are ready to deliver it to you. We also guide you even after the delivery of the final project.
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Frequently Asked Questions

98% of our customers are satisfied with our mobile app services because we never compromise on quality and customer’s feedback. To enhance your knowledge, we answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

We develop mobile apps for all three common systems – iOS, Android and Windows. Moreover, we also develop apps that can run on all three of them at the same time.

No, our charges vary considering the type of mobile app. The time frame for completion of the project and the app’s size also alter the prices.

We discuss the time frame with the client for the delivery at the time of taking the assignment. However, we are bound to deliver the project on time.

Yes, we provide free of cost after-sale services to our clients. We are always there to guide our customers.

Testimonials Give Substance to our Work

We work to make relationships. To illustrate, testimonials by our Mobile app customers are available at the bottom. For us, customers are always right.


I have worked with them to develop a mobile app for my business. They developed it for me including the payment method. I am really happy with their work.

Mathew Charles

Digilite Web Solutions


I have been working with Outsource to PK for a long time and they are consistent with their service quality. In this era of competition, it is never easy to maintain service quality without increasing the charges, but they are doing it.


Digilite Web Solutions


I have ordered them to develop a mobile app for me. I haven’t got my final order yet as it has to be delivered next month. However, I look upon them for their coordination and professional behaviour.


Digilite Web Solutions


I have been working with them for the last four months to design mobile app themes. They are so cooperative and professional. I like to work with their different teams.


Digilite Web Solutions


We as a team of four people were working with them in collaboration for making three different mobile apps. The work went on for 2 months, and I’m missing that beautiful period.

Elijah John

Digilite Web Solutions


Having done my mobile app for the retail business, they inspired me. They are very professional with an outstanding cooperative team. However, the thing that pulls me towards them is their cheaper rates.


Digilite Web Solutions


I love to get my mobile orders from Outsource to Pk. They are nice in behaviour, low with rates and disciplined in delivering the order. I have been working with them for six months and got my eight orders.


Digilite Web Solutions

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