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Our SEM team has the expertise to rank your website on top through search engine marketing.

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We have been providing search engine marketing services for years.

SEM Features and Tools

SEM Grabs The Attention of Your Customers

Through search engine marketing, websites and brand succeed in getting more reach. In SEM, brands pay Google to put their brands on top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Websites choose keywords and when anybody searches something using these keywords, their brand appears on top. We being Search Engine Marketing Company ensure:

  • High Reach
  • More Clicks
  • Organic Visits
  • Cheaper Bids

Keywords Are Essential For SEM

Keywords are the most essential elements of digital marketing whether it’s Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing. Our SEM and SEO experts help you in getting and finding the most efficient and effective keywords. We being a Search Engine Marketing company have the same accuracy level as Google keyword planner. Our keywords are:

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Reliable

You Have To Exclude Negative Keywords

Our SEM expert team find out by using different tools the negative keywords for your product. What are the negative keywords? Let’s take an example, you own an ice-cream brand, so the keyword such as ‘ice-cream recipe’ will be a negative keyword for your brand because the person using that word is searching for a recipe and not for the product itself. Even the person clicks on your website link it will go to in waste. Effective keywords can be:

  • Buy
  • Deal
  • Coupon

Responsiveness Is Tied Up To Better Keywords

If you hire experts in search engine marketing, their expertise would help you in getting a high response from the targeted audience. Our experts in search engine marketing would find the best keywords for your brand through proper and detailed research. It is perceived that the better the research for keywords, the efficient the response. Being an SEM company, we guarantee

  • Effective keywords
  • Organic Ranking
  • More Clicks

Get Our Packages for Search Engine Marketing

Addon Packages
  • Yahoo
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook Cover & DP Design
  • Twitter Cover & DP Design
  • Youtube Cover & DP Design
  • LinkedIn Cover & DP Design
  • SSL Certificate $50
  • Chat Integration $50
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Search Engine Marketing Features and Tools

SERPs Brings Traffic To Your Site

SERPs means Search Engine Results Pages. Our expert teams in the field of SERPs will work for your brand to put it on top of search engine results pages with the help of different tools including bidding and Google ads. For a brand, SERPs are most vital because the majority of the traffic that comes on brand websites is coming through SERPs.

Content Management System

It Helps In Achieving More Clicks

Account structure is a highly technical term. In simple words, it is an organisation of different elements of search engine marketing including Google Ads, campaigns, text setting and many more things. Our SEM team will maintain your account structure to get the cheaper bids for you and putting your brand on top of SERPs.

Content Management System

Through AD Auction Brands Bid For Keywords

People perceive that whoever have the maximum budget would get the best keywords for their brand. However, that’s not true. To get better keywords, people need a detailed strategy. Only money would not work. It’s brain with money combination that works in the auction. Our Search engine marketing team has mastered the art of getting the better keyword in lesser funds.

Content Management System

Two Strategies, One Purpose: Maximum Reach

Being an SEM agency, we provide two services – search engine marketing and search engine optimisation – simultaneously. The former is working to bring more reach to your website through paid advertising, on the flip side, the latter works by devising your content by using keywords to get the maximum reach. However, our SEM and SEO teams join hands for those of our clients who want both the services at the same time.

Content Management System

It Measures The Relevancy Of Keywords With Your Brand

Google does not provide keywords to anyone who pays the most money in an auction. To win the keywords, you have to choose the keywords that are most relevant to your brand. The quality score measures the relevancy of the keywords with your brand you want to bid for. Our experts would find relevant keywords to your brand to get you to win the auction.

Content Management System

Steps to Avail Our Search Engine Marketing Services

Trial Strategies for SEM
Outsource to PK offers different styles and strategies to its search engine marketing clients. It’s a vast area where Google ads, bids, actions and many other aspects needed to be considered.
Shape One Shape Two Shape Three Shape Four Shape Five
Pay Per Click
Choose the Strategy
After choosing the strategy, our search engine marketing team will also guide you that what strategy suits your brand the best. We also set a schedule for you to have different meetings.
Shape One Shape Two Shape Three Shape Four Shape Five
Search Engine Marketing
Put in Feedback
Once you got and chose the strategy, we will start working on it to get you the best keywords in the ad auction. If you want to make any change in-between, we will assist you.
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Social Media Marketing
Get the Best Strategy
After all the work has done and strategies are formed, we will take part for you in the ad auction. Our core purpose is to get you the best keywords to maximise the reach on your website.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are in contact with our clients through different means of communication including messages, calls and emails. Even more, we have answered some of most asked questions.

Yes, experts at Outsource to PK design strategies for our search engine marketing clients. Such strategies put their website link on top of search engine results pages.

No, we have different charges for different strategies related to SEM. Charges depend upon the brand size, the time it takes for completion and lastly on ad auctions.

Time varies, so there is no specific time and no specific strategy. We Customise search engine marketing strategies and communicate the time it would take to our customers.

Yes, Outsource to PK SEM teams will assist you in different aspects whenever the client asks them to do so.

Testimonials Illustrate That We Are the Best

Outsource to PK team for search engine marketing has 99% positive feedback from the clients. That’s the highest positive feedback ratio among all our teams. Some of the comments for SEM team are:


I have worked closely with the search engine marketing team of Outsource to PK last year. They were with me in the ad auction. They helped my brand a lot to reaching us more customers and clicks.

Gemma Evans

Digilite Web Solutions


They are the best people as far as search engine marketing services are concerned. Outsource to PK has an expert team that deal very professionally in SEM bid auctions. I like the way they work.

Danna Cox

Digilite Web Solutions


For me, Outsource to PK is like an angel. I was unable to find a digital agency that could help me in understanding the process of search engine marketing and ad auctions. They helped me to understand that.

Julie Hicks

Digilite Web Solutions


I like their work. I also like their professional team and even the junior staff. They all are so cooperative. Outsource to PK is recommended to everyone by me in SEM services.

Warren Murphy

Digilite Web Solutions


I must say, being new in the industry, I didn’t know much about search engine marketing when I started my fashion brand. But Outsource to PK helped me a lot in digital marketing.

Rosy Bell

Digilite Web Solutions


Outsource to PK is the best in the town, especially for search engine marketing. I worked with them in past and also thinking to join hands with them for a new project of SEM.

Carolina Gomez

Digilite Web Solutions


I recommend them to everyone for search engine marketing. Their strategies for bid auctions and their keyword planning is better than anybody else. I was relaxed as I was completely relying on them for everything.

Francesca Ward

Digilite Web Solutions

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