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Our expert team assists you in what type of web hosting suits your brand the most. Our clients are provided with different types of plans according to their wants. Further, we have a variety of Web hosting services including shared web hosting.

Outsource to PK Take Web Hosting as its Core Service

Web hosting is the primitive service we offer. We work in all types of web hosting services worldwide.

Web Hosting Features and Technology

Being a digital agency, we also work in shared hosting, which is perfect for entry-level web hosting.
Here your website shares the server with some other websites. The benefits of shared hosting include the low cost that makes it the best option of web hosting for start-ups. Most of the small businesses reach us to avail themselves of the shared hosting for their websites. Some advantages we offer in shared hosting are:

  • Comparatively low cost
  • Running multiple businesses on one platform
  • Easy to manage
  • Managed by Professionals
  • Personal access to the Website
  • Low Storage

Professional teams of Outsource to PK allows you to get control of your website without having a dedicated server.
A virtual private server falls in between a dedicated server and a shared server. We also provide customization and more storage space in VPS hosting. You don’t need technical knowledge to run a VPS server as all the technical work will be managed by our professionals. It is best for:

  • Small business
  • Online Retail Outlets
  • Software Houses

Being a web hosting company, our Professional teams provide services in Cloud Hosting as well.
Cloud hosting means using many computers to operate one website. Our teams allow customers to own a website with large storage with owning and maintaining a computer infrastructure. You only have to pay us for the services you use from the variety of options you have given access to. Who should go for cloud hosting?

  • IT Companies
  • Giant Companies
  • Large Retail Chains

Through dedicated server hosting, we as web hosting company offer the most control of the server in which your website stored.
In dedicated server hosting, only your website is stored on that one server. You solely own the server, but until you are paying the rent. Being one of the most expensive types of web hosting, it allows you to have full control and admin access over the website. Typically, we prefer this type of server to:

  • High Traffic Websites
  • Daily Maintained Websites
  • Technical Websites

Website Hosting Packages

  • Yahoo
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook Cover & DP Design
  • Twitter Cover & DP Design
  • Youtube Cover & DP Design
  • LinkedIn Cover & DP Design
  • SSL Certificate $50
  • Chat Integration $50
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Web Hosting Features and Tools

Our dynamic teams have excellency in creating a website through PHP Hypertext Processor. This tool helps in easing the maintenance of the website. Even though other digital agencies also offer a PHP web script tool for your website, we provide free assistance along with the server. We cater to all your demand with the best service.

Content Management System

Our SQL database team has mastered the art of applying this tool to run your website smoothly. SQL database is the standard language used by all Rational Database management Systems like Oracle, Informix and Sybase. Our team makes unique our SQL database services.

Content Management System

A site builder is a fully functional tool to run a website, and we are proud to offer it to our clients. The provision of a Site Builder tool by Outsource to PK makes it easy for our customers to run their websites. It is the easiest tool to run a website.

Content Management System

Outsource to PK ensures the availability of statistics and monitoring tools with web hosting services to measure the performance of our clients' websites. This tool allows the website runners to get aware of who is viewing the website and where from they are accessing the website.

Content Management System

PHP WEB Script is Common Gateway Interface writ large. In the past CGI was used instead of PHP. Even though CGI has become obsolete, we still offer CGI to those customers who want CGI as well as PHP script as their default script.

Content Management System

Steps to Avail Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services
Being a web hosting company, we provide web hosting services to every business and individual. We run your blog website to retail outlet chain website.
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Pay Per Click
Suitable Hosting Service
Our customers are provided with different types of website hosting services. You have to choose which one will suit your website best. We also assist in finding a preferable type for you.
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Search Engine Marketing
Provide Us Feedback
We always cater for the changes required in the project. Your feedback always helps us in improving your final product and our services.
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Social Media Marketing
Kick start Your Project
Once the job is done, now is the time to take the last step, which is going live with the final project. Even after going live, we offer changes and improvements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting and its types are a little bit complicated terms and people find them hard to understand. However, we have resolved the confusions of our clients by answering their questions about web hosting services.

Web hosting services are online renting space provided to websites to run their businesses. Against the space provided, web hosts charge rent on yearly basis.

Yes, we offer different types of web hosting servers depending on the purpose of the website.

The web host gives you access to your website through FTP. By using it, you can upload your content on the website and run operations.

We offer different types of web hosting. And, charges vary from server to server. Shared Web hosting is the cheapest one, on the other hand, dedicated server hosting is the most expensive one.

Have a Look at Our Clients’ Feedbacks

We mainly have positive feedback from our clients. Even though we always welcome negative feedback, but it is very rare for us to get one from our clients. Some of the testimonials extolling the virtue of our website hosting services.


I needed a web hosting service managed by PHP and for that, I contacted Outsource to Pk. It is worth mentioning that they offered and guided me about different tools and types of web hosting that helped me in choosing PHP.


Digilite Web Solutions


I was so confused about which type of web hosting I should get. They helped me a lot in choosing the right one for my website. I am really impressed with their after product services. They never offer a cold shoulder to their customers.

Warren Jackson

Digilite Web Solutions


I went to different website hosting service providers as I was trying to find good service at cheap rates. Eventually, I found Outsource to Pk. I am really satisfied with the services.
I am writing this to inform other people who are running their websites that Outsource to PK is the best platform if you need any type of website hosting services.


Digilite Web Solutions


I have to say that I am constantly satisfied and impressed with the services Outsource to PK offer in Web Hosting. I am availing shared web hosting for my one website and a Dedicated Server for the other.


Digilite Web Solutions


Wanted to let know people that if you want to get web hosting services, Outsource to PK is the best place for you. I have a small retail outlet, and for that, I acquired services from Outsource to PK.

Ellie Hayden

Digilite Web Solutions


The variety of types and tools of web hosting they offer, nobody else is doing in the market. It is the one-stop solution for all of your website related issues, especially web hosting.


Digilite Web Solutions


I hired Outsource to PK last year. Being a Web hosting company, they have everything a customer needs. They charged me a meagre amount for a work that was very costlier in the market. I refer them to everyone.


Digilite Web Solutions

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