Terms And Conditions Statement



We use OutsourcetoPK.com as our website address, and we are based in Karachi, Pakistan. We own the rights to work worldwide in the digital industry.


User means a person who is availing of our services from OutsourcetoPK.com.


Services mean any services offered by OutsourcetoPK.com on its digital platform –website – including digital marketing, website services, mobile apps and featured services.


The terms and conditions are related to the services used by the user and provided by OutsourcetoPK.com using the domain name of OutsourcetoPK.

We reserve the right to make any changes in terms and conditions considering the market scenario. Changes may include alterations in payment methods, change in any laws, and change in regulatory requirement and legal conditions. Your continuous visits to our website would show your consent to these terms and conditions.

In Using the Website, You Are Agreeing As Follows:

  1. The continuation of using the website shows your acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned here. Further, the usage also validates the acceptability of our privacy policy and other legal terms. In case you are required to show consent with any other terms and conditions, you may be asked to CLICK HERE TO ACCEPT THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS.
  2. You may not be able to use the services from OutsourcetoPK.com if:
  3. You and OutsourcetoPK.com are not in legal obligations to get or provide services.
  4. You are a person who is barred from receiving the services because of the restrictions imposed by any state government, any legal organisation or OutsourcetoPK.com. While receiving our services, you are agreeing that you possess the license to work in that domain. Further, you also agree that the laws of your country are pursuant to the services you receive. Therefore, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions contract before signing or agreeing with it to avoid any misunderstanding or hurdle in the provision of the services.

    Both the parties (OutsourcetoPK.com and the user) agree not to disclose any information relevant to each other to any other party for getting any benefits or not getting any benefits. Further, both parties agree to not reproduce, sell, replicate or transfer any confidential information without the consent of the other party. Sharing of information must contain a purpose behind doing so.


    1. You must have to provide your complete information about the license you possess in your specific country. You are responsible for the security and the passwords of the services you are receiving from us. In case of noticing any unauthorized activity on the services you are receiving you are bound to immediately inform the OutsourcetoPK.com. In case of negligence, the website will not be responsible for any damage. According to the agreement, you are responsible for all the activities that are occurring on or by your account(s).
    2. You are agreeing to use the services only for the purposes you are permitted by the digital agency. You accept all the general terms and conditions and your work will be under the jurisdiction of international laws of exports of software, data and digital services.
    3. You may never share or sell any services you receive from OutsourcetoPK.com to any third party.
    4. You will not produce, reproduce, replicate, copy, sell, duplicate, trade or resell any service you are receiving from OutsourcetoPK.com without its prior permission.
    5. You are also agreeing to not disrupt any digital services by using the services you receive from OutsourcetoPK.com.
    6. You are also agreeing to not be involved or be a part of any illicit digital activity.
    7. Any service may be provided directly from OutsourcetoPK.com and you cannot provide any of our services to a third party without our permission. However, with the company’s consent, you may receive or pay funds to a third party.

      1. To the fullest, the terms and conditions will not come in conflict with any international law. In case of conflict with state law, truism and sanity will prevail. The user and the digital agency are bound to comply with the rules and regulations set by the government. You are also informed that OutsourcetoPK.com will not be responsible under any law to be liable for any damage or loss that occurred to you or by you to anyone using our services. You further agree that necessary action can be taken against you if you incur any loss against the company or any third party that is in contract with OutsourcetoPK.com.
      2. OutsourcetoPK.com has reserved the right to cease the services at any time if it feels feasible to do so. The company can terminate any contract in case of misconduct by the other party.
      3. The company will also not be responsible if any corruption, misconduct, or data leakage occurred using its services.

        1. We have the policy to charge in arrears as you will receive an invoice at the start of every month for the services you used in the previous month.
        2. OutsourcetoPK.com will not receive payments for the services it provides. It does ask for any payment for the service that will be provided in the far future.
        3. OutsourcetoPK.com is also bound to return the prepaid charges if it is unable to provide the services.
        4. GOVERNING LAW

          The local laws from where the OutsourcetoPK.com is operating will be the governing laws. However, the laws of the user’s country will also be respected and heed will be paid to them. In case of any dispute, international digital laws will prevail.

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