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Android Apps Features and Tools

We Make Fast-Speed Android Apps

Speed is the most important aspect while developing an Android app. For the users, speed and smoothness are imperative. Let’s assume that your users use the app and find it low-speed, they would move to the competitors’ app to avoid lagging. Therefore, our Android team will create your app with a faster speed to stick the users with the app. We provide

  • Creativity
  • High-speed
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Maintenance-free app

Android Apps Must Be Simple

Many people think that renowned, big apps need to be complex, but that’s not true. The simpler the app, the more users find it easy to operate. And that’s what sticks the users with the app. Clear and simple screens with proper linking for everything is the secret behind getting traffic. That’s the reason, we solely rely on simplicity. Our Android apps are:

  • Simple
  • Clear
  • Focused

Image Resolution Talks For Your Android App

We balance between functionality and image resolution because both are equally important. However, high image resolution helps in increasing the user time spending on the app. To make sure quality of the image, we use almost 16 million colours that give the highest possible image quality to your app. Experts directly relate image resolution with sales, that’s why we ensure:

  • High-definition
  • Uneven navigation
  • Clear pixels

Our Android Apps Offer Flexibility

In all operating systems, flexibility plays a vital role in increasing user traffic on your app. Flexibility means your Android app can also be used on an iOS or Windows operating systems. Even though Google Store approves almost every app, but iOS asks you to get the approval after being tested from them. Therefore, we design your Android app considering the flexibility it requires in mind. Our Android apps:

  • Save energy
  • Provide better experience
  • Save time


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Android Mobile App Development Features and Tools

We Possess A Cyber-Security Team

Nowadays, Information Technology has become common so the fraud and cyber-attacks. Having installed a large number of mobile apps on your mobile increases the risk of hacking. To avoid these issues, we as an Android app development agency make your Android apps risk-free and hacking-free. We being an android app development agency give three-layer protection to our developed Android apps. Get the most secured Androids apps from us.

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Search Option Is A Direct Way To Everything

Whether it is Android or iOS, users never want to spend time finding the content they need. They switch to the competitors' app consequently. To tackle the issue, we provide a search bar on the first page of the Android app. By using that the users can get direct access to the desired link within seconds. Our core focus is on user-friendliness through maintaining quality.

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Contrasted Colours Embellish Your Content

A human eye differentiates easily between different colours. When contrast is lacking between colours, it becomes difficult to discern different colours. That’s why, we ensure the usage of different colours, especially in contrast. Appearance and theme of a mobile app is the first thing users come across. Contrast with style, sobriety and professional content are the essences of an Android app. No other android app development company offers that.

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Android Apps Always Need Updates

Mobile apps belonging to any operating system seek an update after every two quarters of a year. It is very important to leave some space for future updates while making an Android app. Cyber-security trends are also constantly changing, so app security also needs updates sometimes. Having a separate team for after-sale service, we ensure that your app must meet the requirements of the latest trends.

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Feedback Modifies The Android Apps

When we first time develops your Android app, chances are that it would not be the best possible version. Feedback is the perfect way to get the response from your users to know what they want, and you can filter the codes accordingly. Ignoring, removing unnecessary things makes your app better every time you do that.

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Steps to Get Our Android App Services

Trial Android Apps
Types of Android apps are greater than that of iOS apps. Therefore, we guide our clients regarding them, and also provide some samples on our website to giving you an idea about the distinctive Android features.
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Pay Per Click
Choose Design
By looking at them, you can have a general idea that which Android app would suit your purpose the best. You can also get assistance from our expert team through call or email.
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Search Engine Marketing
Give Feedback
Once you tell us what you chose, we will start working to develop your Android app. And, we also require feedback after completion of your project to modify the project if required by you.
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Social Media Marketing
Android App Delivery
After all this is done, we would deliver the final project – the Android app. But, don’t worry! We will assist you even after the delivery. We also provide custom android app development.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients contact us through call, message or email. Besides them, we also value our potential customers and we answer the questions that are asked most by them.

Outsource to PK teams have been working in all types of Android apps. Having great experience in the vast arena of Android apps, Outsource to PK teams also assist clients.

No, Outsource to PK doesn’t have fixed charges. They vary according to the requirements of the client and the work done in the project.

It depends on the size and type of the Android app. However, Outsource to PK also offer urgent delivery with some additional fee.

Yes, Outsource to PK teams are always there to assists its clients as much as they can.

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Outsource to PK has a history of valuing its customers and clients. Our clients illustrate the fact by providing us with positive feedback. We are happy to announce that 95% of the feedback we receive is positive.


I worked with them last year. They have a great team for developing Android apps. I am happy with their service. Further, I recommend them to everyone, especially for Android app development.

Gerald Evans

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They are best if you want the development of Android mobile app development for you. They validated this while working for me; they delivered the project on time.

Paul Cox

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They have been present in the mobile app industry for years, proving themselves the best Android app developers at cheaper rates. They are good with Android development.

Olive Rivera

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Nothing can beat the service of Outsource to PK, especially in Android app development. They deliver the project on time and also provide after-sale service.

Peter Bailey

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I have worked with them many times on different projects. Every time, they manifested themselves as professionals. I am currently working with them on another project.

Gabriela Flores

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As far as I am concerned, I take Outsource to PK possessing the best Android developers. Their team listens to you and also make changes even after the completion of the project.

Kathie Mathews

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Who’s the best here in the West? My answer will be to Outsource to PK, especially since their Android developers are the best in town. To everybody who asks me to recommend Android app developing services, I take their name.

Luna Ward

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